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  • October19th

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    This past weekend I had the honor of working on the annual ZOMBIE project with Camillo Longo, and it was an awesome experience. I c0uld write all day about what we did and how awesome the images came out but I will the photos(and video) do the talking for me.

    Photos after the jump!

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  • September7th

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    Happy Labor Day to everyone! I hope you ate lots of barbecue and weren’t stuck in traffic all weekend. So what have I been up to over the past few days? Well, there was this


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  • August31st

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    Last Sunday I took a drive down to West Hollywood to meet up with my friends from Party At Her Place for some new press shots for their soon to be released EP. The video below is also being used for their semi weekly updates, thus the last part.

    Here are a few of the shots I was most pleased with. You can visit PAHP’s MySpace to see the rest.

  • August23rd

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    I went out to Bouquet falls yesterday with Becka to check some spots around Bouquet Canyon for some engagement pictures I’ll be doing in the near future. We decided to go ahead and do some test shots while we were out there and try out a few lighting set-ups. Here is the set up I used most:

    And here are the final shots I was most pleased with:

  • July27th

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    ThrivePhotoI have decided to stop writing for and maintaining you have stopped by lately then you more than likely have noticed that it has been slim pickens as of late). I wasn’t happy with the direction that I was taking it and decided that a more personal format is more my style. In the near future I will be transitioning some of “better” posts from Thrive to this blog- including the CyberCync first look video that has been so popular. My hope is that by doing this I will be able to provide a wider variety of information and update the site more often. If you had a favorite post there just let me know and I’ll bring it over here!

  • July27th

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    Well it’s been a long time in the making but I finally have a proper website. As you can see it is both my Portfolio and Blog. As you will probably notice, the galleries are not yet filled, but I will be uploading more images in the coming weeks. I hope you enjoy everything you see and please let me know if you find and bugs that need to be worked out!